About Al-Manhal Book The Book covers Afar history from 3110 BC to 1960 AD with provision of significant accounts of the Afar political history for the period 1960 - 1994. It presents analytical and documentary accounts of the Afar relations with neighbouring peoples in the region (such as in Ethiopia, Yemen, Egypt, Arab peninsula, Somalia, and Beja people in the Sudan)

It includes 29 colored maps and copies of 19 key conventions, protocols, treaties and pacts between the Afar Sultanates and colonial power (Italy, France, and Britain) during 19th century. The statements, facts and figures in the book is supported by over 200 references. As regards to the Oral History part, it covers consensus on events, facts and issue by 43 Afar Oral Historians who have been interviewed and /or discussed the contents with the authors.The Book is recently translated to Amharic language and printed by Addis Tirart private Limited Co.Addis Ababa, Etiopioa TEL:(251)11560793.

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